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  1. The Dave

    I’m a user of the paid version.
    I have an AT&T HTC Aria running Android 2.2.1 CyanogenMod-6.1.1-Liberty.

    I don’t think I really have a problem with DaTuner, so much as maybe a general DSP problem. Both DaTuner and gStrings crash (force quit) on my phone.

    But, I’d like to get the debugging started . . .


    1. Chris Post author

      Hi Dave,

      I just saw the report you uploaded from your phone. Unfortunately, I haven’t realized that there were still crashes in DaTuner because on my own “Android Market” site it has consistently shown “6 crashes” for the past 2 weeks after I made a bug fix release. No idea where they get that number from, but when I clicked on it, I saw that there were actually > 40 reported crashes, many for the exact same reason. I thought I had fixed the bug that caused it, but apparently not.

      Google, if there are > 40 “new, unread” crashes for my app, why does the link to the crash report only show 6 crashes? Why? WHY?

      Anyway, I didn’t realize this until late last night so I didn’t have time to do anything about it. I will try to fix it ASAP.

  2. Håkon Flatøy

    Hello there.

    Bought the donate version of DaTuner. Been using the free one for a while. Its a good tool i use every day at work (i am a full time music teatcher).

    It is simple and easy. Gets the job done. Many other tuners out there sure looks smooth and can do a lot of things you dont need (or want). The fancy graphics turn my cheap telephone into sirup. DaTuner – brilliant. Just what i need.

    The only thing i miss are these.
    – Choose wheter i like to use the strobe tuner.
    – Beeing a professional, i often tune to 442 (orchestral tuning). I miss a small number telling me how the tuner is calibrated. Maby a different background color when it is set to anything else than 440…


    1. Chris Post author

      Hej Håkon,

      I will certainly add an option to turn the strobe tuner off in the next release, hopefully within a day or two.

      As far as the reference frequency, perhaps I can add some text at the top with the current reference setting and +/- for “in tune” range… I have a hidden status bar at the top that I am not using yet.

      PS. Thanks for donating and rating the tuner, although only four stars??? 🙂

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