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Finally an email about DaTuner G2 problems

So apparently, DaTuner does not work on HTC G2 (Magic) and I don’t have one to test with.  Finally, somebody has contacted me who has this problem so I can start to delve deeper into the problem, assuming that person helps out and can describe the problem in a bit more detail than “it doesn’t work”.

Until then, an old version of DaTuner that should work on G2 can be downloaded from here:

Keep tuned for a fix to the newer version of DaTuner


It took forever to get a second response and when I finally did, he reported that after a reboot it started working again.

Thank you, Alan P!

So I published the “donate” version of DaTuner late last night (2am) and then went to sleep.  At 2:15am I had my first customer purchase it.  I can see via the history that it was probably the first app he’d ever purchased, since it looks like his credit card info needed to be updated (yes, google market gives me that information, and no, I can’t actually see his number, just that he had to update the credit card information.)

So today I am about 14:- richer (after taxes and google’s share), which works out to about half of a coffee at the cheapest places here in Gothenburg.  So far nobody else has purchased it, but I guess that’s life as an Android developer, eh?

Anyway, it is a nice motivator to make the app better and hope for marketing via word-of-mouth “have you tried DaTuner” vs. having to outright try to sell it via fancy ads or marketing (not my forté.)

Thanks, Alan P.!  You DaMan!