Monthly Archives: September 2011

The benefits of negative feedback (AKA constructive criticism)

Just getting a one or two star rating without a reason is really frustrating.

However, getting a low rating together with a reason why is every developer’s dream, and I would say it’s better than a 5-star “it’s awesome” rating.

Here is why:  I got the following comment the other day, together with a 2 star rating:

“by Jon (September 3, 2011) not stable enough to use as a xylophone tuner. nSync (iphone) is the only one that works for xylo. otherwise great app – hope stability improves.”

I though: Not stable enough on xylophone?  Really?  So I downloaded a “xylophone” app and tried to tune it – sure enough – no go.  Then I spent the next half an hour (don’t really have too much free time these days) trying to figure out what was going on.  Quickly discovered that I must have a bug in the analysis routine causing this.  When analyzing the xylophone, the first analysis was fine, but the following ones (on the same data) resulted completely invalid results.

I haven’t quite figured out the bug yet, but when I do, the next DaTuner update will probably be much improved from the current one.

Thanks for the negative feedback, Jon!