Monthly Archives: February 2012

Road Map

I would love to have the time to make another app for Android but the demands of life are too great at the moment so I will have to settle for incremental upgrades to the one I have (until it starts pulling in enough $$$ to justify more focus on it.)

Because my app time is so limited, each upgrade takes a week or more of part time work to implement and test.

This is my current road map:
1.) Provide the capability to select the note list to tune to [ie. 6-string guitar (submenu: standard, drop d, etc.])
2.) Enhance the auto-sensitivity mode so it increases the dB threshold gradually if many “noisy” samples are being captured, decreases gradually in presence of silence. Add a button for turning auto-sens on and off to the left hand side of the screen. This will allow auto-sensitivity threshold to be manually adjusted via touch on the sens. bar, just like the earliest versions of DaTuner.
3.) An enhancement to the pitch pipe that I don’t want to put here because it’ll be a big secret until it is released. 🙂
4.) Add a configuration screen to allow addition of custom temperaments and custom instruments.
5.) Allow configuration of reference frequency via a long-press on the screen.

Edit March 5, 2012: The second part of 2.), the button to toggle between manual and auto, is now complete, and is currently available in the new PRO FREE version.