Monthly Archives: May 2012

Upgrade bugs in Datuner are squashed.

I finally managed to reproduce and fix the bugs that were occurring for many people after upgrading DaTuner, so please try the latest versions on google play and let me know if it works for you!


Beta (testing the Pro version with ads, updated often):


When in doubt, uninstall & reinstall

Just heard from a customer that all of her problems with DaTuner were solved with an uninstall and reinstall. This *shouldn’t* be necessary but I have just figured out how to test “upgrades” so if you find your DaTuner installation is not working, please uninstall and reinstall it fresh!

Thanks for your patience!


Edit: I am working on a final “stable” version of DaTuner which I will release soon. I will release first under the “beta” tag so if you want to help out, download DaTuner beta! Thank you!

Resources Low (for now)…

…There is some stuff in the works that might allow me to spend more time on my apps… Well app (singular, as of today). It might be a month or two before this kicks in, but I have so many ideas for music and audio related apps and would love to actually have the time to spend on them… At the moment I barely have time to maintain DaTuner… One day I can quit my day job… 🙂

…I like ellipses…