Monthly Archives: November 2012


I seem to have dug myself into a hole with the custom instruments branch. DaTuner wasn’t written to support custom instruments and retrofitting it to support them has proven to be a lot of extra work. Since the effort has taken so many months, every time I pick up the torch again, I have to figure out where I left off last time.

The recent upgrades on the version of DaTuner on Google Play were incremental and therefore didn’t take too much time. (I also should give credit to for providing the original source code for the color picker dialog.  I had to optimize it quite a bit because the original performance was sub-optimal and it wasn’t scaleable for different screen sizes.  The new optimized and scaleable ColorPickerDialog source code is here.)

Active Uninstalls > Active Installs!

As for the last update – one of the main things in it was that there is now a filter that will only update the displayed note if there is a certain % of identical note readings in the past few analysis, and another which puts hysteresis between the turning off and on of analysis.  This should alleviate the “noisy display” problem that many were complaining about on Google Play. If you want to turn these off, they are in the advanced menu (set % identical notes to 0 and hysteresis to zero.) [ have noticed, though, that active uninstalls has picked up a lot, and I am curious if people think the latest update has broken DaTuner in some way.  Please email me (the email is published in Google Play and in the DaTuner app) or leave a comment here if you have found that the latest version of DaTuner doesn’t perform as well as it used to!