Monthly Archives: September 2013


Back At Keyboard.  OK, I think I’m back.

I have started working on the Beta version of DaTuner again, hoping to squash all of the bugs in it that are new since adding instrument support required changing a lot of the fundamental structure of DaTuner.  There are bugs in it, but if you are brave, please use it!

Blackberry DaTuner (Virus?)

I have NOT released DaTuner for BlackBerry, yet.  Somebody else put a counterfeit version there.  It probably has a virus.  I have no idea how to contact Blackberry about removing that app.  Please don’t download it.

Android DaTuner (Not Virus!)

There is a false positive on DaTuner for the Android.boqx virus.  I am looking into it.  It is probably the fault of G-Data, but I also don’t know how to contact them.  Filled the forms out on their website – not sure if they will reply.