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Open letter to CM Security re: false positives for DaTuner Pro

To Whom It May Concern,

Your Android Application, CM Security, is throwing false positives for my app, and sole source of independent income, DaTuner Pro.  My app is small but with a hardcore group of users that rely on it.  My “free” app is completely free of ads, and I rely 100% on “donations” from good-hearted people who upgrade to the pro version out of appreciation for the free version.
I have 100% control over my own app’s source code and build environment, and my app has no permissions for internet whatsoever, so it is absolutely impossible that the CM security report, of “Flagged by CM Security (AdWare/Android.Flurry.a[ads.gen]). Contains malicious ads/behavior, namely frequently spams pop-up ads and forces user to tap on them.” can be true.
Please eliminate these false positives ASAP before my store rating falls further.  Preferably by tomorrow, June 23, 2015.  In addition, I would appreciate the following:
1.) A public “apology” or withdrawal of these false positives published on your website.
2.) A “note” mentioning a bugfix to workaround false positives in “DaTuner Pro,” that I can refer to, and a payment of XXXX to remunerate me for my long-term lost income due to these false positives – I can provide ample documentation to show that this will be the minimum that I will lose due to these false positives over the coming months resulting in negative ratings that are already showing up in the Play store.
Best Regards,
Chris Fogelklou
Applicaudia (Applaud Apps)