Finally an email about DaTuner G2 problems

So apparently, DaTuner does not work on HTC G2 (Magic) and I don’t have one to test with. ¬†Finally, somebody has contacted me who has this problem so I can start to delve deeper into the problem, assuming that person helps out and can describe the problem in a bit more detail than “it doesn’t work”.

Until then, an old version of DaTuner that should work on G2 can be downloaded from here:

Keep tuned for a fix to the newer version of DaTuner


It took forever to get a second response and when I finally did, he reported that after a reboot it started working again.

2 thoughts on “Finally an email about DaTuner G2 problems

  1. Robert

    Hi! Tried the free version and really liked it, so I bought the new one! My only complaint so far is the name. I’m stuck looking at Da Tuner Donate as the name? How about pro or something? Or is this a glitch that will go away at some point? I’m tempted to ask for a refund just because of the name I’m forced to look at! Please correct it. It makes it look like I NEED to donate and haven’t.

    Thanks for a great app 5 STARS – Robert

    1. Chris Post author

      I’ll fix it for you. It’s bothering me, too. The key problem is that google won’t let me change the name of the executable and I use a script to generate the donate version (donate from the executable name becomes donate on the icon.) I just updated the pro app so it will be a week or so until I update the name.

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