DaTuner down for maintenance

I think I have recently released a version of DaTuner that doesn’t work as it should, as I have been getting a higher ratio of low ratings than usual, so both the donate and free versions have been unpublished until I resolve the issue.

Update: DaTuner is back up, both donate and free versions!

3 thoughts on “DaTuner down for maintenance

    1. Chris Post author

      Hi Rick,

      Yes, I can do that if it is an emergency, but as it was a bug fix it should take just as long to find and fix the bug.

      I have *very* few extra hours outside of work, family and recreation, and I would rather spend the hours with my apps actually making progress instead of re-releasing old versions. Hope you understand.

      I think what I might do soon is rename the current DaTuner to “DaTuner Classic” and create a new app called “DaTuner Beta” where I can put new features. “Classic” can be the stable version, and beta can be the version where I can put new features and basically have the community crash test it for me on all of their devices. Classic will only be updated to match Beta when Beta is reported working on all devices.

      This will also always provide a fallback in the case that Beta doesn’t work.

  1. Julian

    Ah, that explains why my Market app says there’s an upgrade and then can’t find anything. All good. Hope you find the problem soon. I’m on an HTC Desire w Froyo and everything’s good here, it’s a very nice app.

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