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  1. Al Stark

    I like the fact that the note indicator color changes when you nail the pitch but it is too sensitive. In real life anything within 10 cents up or down will do. I would love to see a red note letter if I’m 20+ cents out, yellow between 10 and 20 and green inside of 10. That way I can keep it on the stand during practice and not have to think about the process too much. A menu choice to set the color attributes would be nice. great platform! Very useable.

    1. Chris Post author

      Great suggestion. I think I will make it fully configurable – have had another request to have sharp one color and flat another color, that way you will only need to see it out of the corner of your eye. I can make the +- and colors configurable in the menu.

  2. Jaymz

    I just installed the new beta version of Da Tuner, and your program seems to work great by itself. Unfortunately, when I have it installed on my phone, it won’t let my voice recognition software for the Google Navigation / Maps work properly…or actually, at all. Might be something with your programs interactions with the audio settings and having to use the microphone to get input for the tuner. I love your program though….but I had to remove it so I can use my GPS system! lol Droid X phone 2.2 Android OS

    Update: Just to test it out and try something new, I installed the beta version again and attempted to use the Google Maps navigation program with voice recog. input. Same thing happened again, but this time I forced a shutdown of the Tuner program, and the voice recognition on the Google maps program worked again. I don’t know if you can code a force shut down when people end the program or what, but it may, or may not solve some issues later on down the line. I’m keeping the program now. I can always force a manual shutdown later when I have to, knowing that’s the issue.


    1. Chris Post author

      Hi Jaymz,

      Thank you very much for the feedback! One of the things I worked extensively on with the newer version was shutting down and restarting the app, so that everything in the app is completely destroyed. That’s one thing with Android/Java. If you keep a reference to something around in the app it will stick around forever. I am pretty sure the free version still has these objects kicking around (until I manage to merge the beta changes into it) but that version should have fixed it.

      Anyway, as a fail safe, I have used your suggestion and added a “quit” option under the main menu. I just hope that it works!

  3. Firouzabadi

    Hi Chris
    Thanks for this great app.
    I would like to ask for a new feature.
    My instruments (Tar and Setar) are tuned with Pythagorean temperament. Which your pro version fully supports. But in this and many other custom temperaments that your app supports, it is very important to introduce the base pitch for that temperament method.
    Currently your app only accepts A4 as the reference. While my instrument is tuned based on C3 reference. My instrument does not even have an A4 within its range. I need to be able to sample my base note which is usually C3, but can also be C2, G2, F2, …
    So what basically what I’m trying to say is these two things:
    1) You cannot say that you’re fully supporting custom temperaments unless you allow to specify the reference pitch for that temperament.
    2) it would be nice to be able to configure the reference pitch by listening to sample note if any other given pitch. For example set the reference pitch for your custom temperament to C3, listen to G2 as a reference and calculate the correct C3 for that temperament.


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