DaTuner FAQ

Please note that DaTuner has been sold to Prometheus Interactive, so contact them for any support requests.  You can also try https://strobopro.se for similar functionality as DaTuner, written from scratch as a web app to support as many platforms as possible.

2 thoughts on “DaTuner FAQ

  1. Bsharp

    Hello Chris

    Pardon my naivete if this is elsewhere addressed – but my snooping around so far doesn’t discover either of the two items I’m about to suggest/request/beg?? From what I _have_ read, though, and having moderate programming experience in a former life, these things wouldn’t be terribly difficult for you to integrate:

    For one thing, it would be helpful/informative/useful at times to be able to force datuner to listen for a set Hz and ONLY that Hz while playing a lower note (in order to assess the upper partials of a lower string). AFAIK the autodetect function _insists_ upon homing in on the lower fundamental. …would be nice….

    More importantly right now for me (if I may wax egocentric) it would be a TREMENDOUS tool if you could add something of a logging function built-in as a routine with the intent purpose of making a quick record of each of the 88 notes (each of the strings _might_ be an option, but not necessary) including the individual deviation in cents AND the overall average deviation.

    These would be sufficiently valuable to me to merit discussion of an appropriate gratuity, if you’ve the time?

    Thanks for your time!


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