PC Apps

Here is where I will share the random tools I have created over the years for PC (windows) that somebody else might have a use for.

PC Shutdown/Restart Application

I created this program for quickly shutting down a PC that I was remotely logged into from the PC I was logged in from.  When remotely logged in, you can only see “log out” in the start menu, instead of “shut down/restart”

It is a command line program taking three possible options.  Batch files for all three options are included in the compressed file (or just run without a parameter to get the help menu.)

It has only been tested with computers running Windows XP or less.  Hopefully it still works on Vista+.

Source Code + Executable (Visual Studio Express 2008)


Used to test the error tolerance of an audio decoder.  This basic command line tool just takes an input file, randomly corrupts bytes in it, and then writes the output to a new file.  Run it once with no parameters to get the usage.

Source + Executable (Visual Studio Express 2008)

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