Music and Audio – Paid Apps Page 1!

Not sure if it is due to a glitch in the matrix, but DaTuner Pro has made it to page 1 of the Music and Audio paid apps in Android Market.  Let’s just see if this lasts…  (fingers crossed!)

Edit: It was a glitch.  Now that they’ve given Android Market a facelift, DaTuner Pro is now relegated to the last page of Music & Audio.  At least I’m over 100% active install base, thanks to GulliBZ.  Is that a bad thing?  At least I have this screenshot:

DaTuner on the market, page 1


Transposition via Reference Frequency on a Chromatic Tuner

UPDATE: The beta version of DaTuner (DaTunerBeta) on the market has a transposition option as of 14/08/2011.  This will be released soon in the pro version.

I have had requests to enable transposition in DaTuner, but it has really been there the whole time except not really obvious or easy to use. The thing is, the reference frequency in DaTuner has a range of 220Hz (A3) all the way up to 880Hz (A5). The reference frequency is not only useful for orchestra tuning, but also for transposition. I have corresponded with a user of DaTuner about this and they didn’t agree, so here is my logic.

1.) Transposition, by definition, is the shifting up or down of the scale without changing the mathematical relationship between notes.
2.) Example: a transposition of +1 semitone would mean that A would become A#, A# would become B, and so on.
3.) Mathematically, the frequency relationship between semitones is exponential. Each semitone’s frequency can be expressed as (2^(1/12) * previous frequency.)
4.) Moving the reference frequency changes at which frequency A4 starts. The relationship between A4 to A#4, B, etc, does not change. Therefore, transposition can be accomplished by simply moving the reference frequency up or down by x semitones. I know that it is not easy to do this in your head, and soon DaTuner will have support for transposition, but this is a stop-gap poor-mans solution.

Here is a table of the reference frequencies to use to accomplish a transposition of a certain number of semitones in DaTuner, or any other chromatic tuner with a wide reference frequency range.

Semitones (up) Reference Freq(Hz) Note at 440Hz
-12 880 A
-11 830.61 A#/Bb
-10 783.99 B
-9 739.99 C
-8 698.46 C#/Db
-7 659.26 D
-6 622.25 D#/Eb
-5 587.33 E
-4 554.37 F
-3 523.25 F#/Gb
-2 493.88 G
-1 466.16 G#/Ab
0 440 A
1 415.3 A#/Bb
2 392 B
3 369.99 C
4 349.23 C#/Db
5 329.63 D
6 311.13 D#/Eb
7 293.66 E
8 277.18 F
9 261.63 F#/Gb
10 246.94 G
11 233.08 G#/Ab
12 220 A

Crash Reporting

It is too bad that DaTuner needs to request full internet access for crash reporting, but it does. I have seen a few complaints already about this, but here is my point of view.

If there were a better way (via the Android Market API, which has internet access, for instance) I would do it.

Here, though, is my reasoning as to why I feel I need to have network based crash reporting.
– Out of 110 000 downloads (and counting), only about 15 people have emailed me to report a crash and the circumstances surrounding it.
– It has been > one week on several occasions before I have received feedback on my bug fix for the reported bug from the person. I am very thankful that the person contacted me to begin with, but this just isn’t working.

Further Justifications.
1.) I don’t want DaTuner’s only advantage to be that it doesn’t request Internet access. Sure, it also doesn’t include ads but if it’s another tuner vs. DaTuner I want DaTuner to win based on its ease of use, precision, and responsiveness and not simply on the permissions it doesn’t request. If that was the case I would have just spent a few hours writing a simple FFT based tuner and published it without permissions and never updated it afterwards.

2.) I make no money on the free app, and nobody else does either. Let’s just assume, hypothetically, that DaTuner suddenly becomes really popular because of how accurate it is (I can always hope!) but if that just translates to more downloads of a free app and fewer downloads of every other paid tuner app on the market, who wins? I would rather that those downloads go to other paid apps or ad-supported apps since at least a developer somewhere will make money from them, especially if those other apps are better or more feature rich (many are more feature rich – at least so far.) Who’s thinking about the poor hardware tuner guys we’re stealing the business from? They need to survive too!

So, to users of DaTuner; I apologize for asking for full internet access, but this seems to be the only way for me to get nearly immediate feedback on whether or not new features I will be releasing have also unintentionally included new bugs. You have my word that the network access will ONLY be used to report crashes (unless I release another ad-supported app down the road but that would be another app.)

If you really don’t want any apps on the phone to have network access, I recommend you download a power control app so you can turn off data access for all apps with the click of a button. DaTuner will work great even with network access off, since it will only ever try to use it if it crashes. Crashes are not an intentional feature of DaTuner.

One Star

5 star ratings are fleeting. They turn to 1 star as soon as a release is made with a bug in it.

1 star ratings are permanent. They seem to never turn back into 5 stars when the bug is fixed.

Why is that?

DaTuner and DaTuner Donate are back up!

I have now streamlined communications between the audio input thread and the analysis thread, which resulted in better responsiveness, at least on my X10 Mini Pro.

I am currently limiting CPU usage in the analysis thread. Perhaps in the donate version I will provide an override so that 100% CPU can be used for analysis, since analysis only runs when the signal level is over a certain threshold, anyway.

Please try the latest updates and PLEASE email me if they don’t work.

DaTuner down for maintenance

I think I have recently released a version of DaTuner that doesn’t work as it should, as I have been getting a higher ratio of low ratings than usual, so both the donate and free versions have been unpublished until I resolve the issue.

Update: DaTuner is back up, both donate and free versions!

Finally an email about DaTuner G2 problems

So apparently, DaTuner does not work on HTC G2 (Magic) and I don’t have one to test with.  Finally, somebody has contacted me who has this problem so I can start to delve deeper into the problem, assuming that person helps out and can describe the problem in a bit more detail than “it doesn’t work”.

Until then, an old version of DaTuner that should work on G2 can be downloaded from here:

Keep tuned for a fix to the newer version of DaTuner


It took forever to get a second response and when I finally did, he reported that after a reboot it started working again.