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Task Killers BAD!

I have recently started getting some complaints that the settings menu isn’t working properly. Turns out that some people are running extremely aggressive task killers, and these task killers are killing individual activities of DaTuner as it switches between these activities. 

Until I release a fix, if you have this problem, please disable your overly aggressive task killers.  They do not help battery life anyway…

Upgrade bugs in Datuner are squashed.

I finally managed to reproduce and fix the bugs that were occurring for many people after upgrading DaTuner, so please try the latest versions on google play and let me know if it works for you!


Beta (testing the Pro version with ads, updated often):


Google Crash Reporting

A nice feature of Google Crash Reporting for Android 2.2+ is the fact that it exists.

A not so nice feature is that the “headline” number of crashes that a developer sees does not actually reflect the number of crashes reported.

This is why a crash that I thought I had fixed two weeks ago (array index out of bounds) still exists in the latest version.

After that bug “fix” my “headline” crash report number was consistently 6, and since it wasn’t increasing from day to day I assumed that the bug was, in fact, fixed. However, clicking on the link showed that there were many more crashes than 6.

Google, how hard is it to retrieve a number from one part of your server and place it in another part? Really?

Customer Requests

I think the thing I enjoy most about having my first app (DaTuner) on the market is the feedback that I’m getting back, both via reviews on the Android Marketplace and over email. Unfortunately I have very little time to work on my app(s) and I therefore have to prioritize in which order things get done.

Over email I have received quite a few bug reports and feature requests for DaTuner. This is the order in which I figure I will tackle them:

1.) New configuration screens with support for any reference frequency (plus other settings)
– Will simultaneously fix a bug reported on Samsung Galaxy devices when setting reference frequency.
– Fixes the fact that the current configuration screen is a total hack.

2.) Remove the hacky help screen (replace with a real dialog)

3.) Fix the fact that the error “bar” isn’t shown on some devices for some reason.

4.) Save configurations in nonvolatile memory so they are restored after power-off/on.  I have no idea how to do that, yet.

5.) Add pitch pipe with adjustable frequency.

6.) Additional configuration options, exposing values currently hardcoded in the app.

7.) Additional temperances and frequency->note conversions (ie do re mi instead of c d e)

8.) ???

9.) Profit!